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           Thursday April 4, 2019          

We don't want you to miss it! DHC will  host our annual celebration dinner at Barrister Winery in downtown Spokane.  Come join us for a fun evening with  a delicious dinner and drinks to enjoy with friends.  We will have interesting silent and live auction items to bid on, and you'll hear all about  our recent accomplishments and plans for the future. Most of all, you will be supporting our great work in conserving natural land in the Dishman Hills.  Details and ticket sales here

 DHC is raising funds to buy 257 acres near Big Rock and the Rocks of Sharon!

The Dishman Hills Conservancy has an aggressive conservation plan. The first phase is to add to the Iller Creek unit along with a new trailhead. DHC has agreements to purchase 257-acres near Big Rock to Iller Creek. The acquisitions require $490,000 to be raised by the end of 2018 and another $750,000 by April of 2019. DHC has put down $100,000 to secure these properties.

The proposed acquisitions have high diversity of plants and animals including birds, butterflies and large mammals such as moose, elk, deer and bear. The benefits include improved access from a new trailhead on Willow Springs Road and protect a wildlife corridor from Turnbull Wildlife Refuge and Mica Peak areas to the Dishman Hills.

Lots of other great events coming up with DHC

Check out our Events Page for information on our Hikes  and other upcoming events.

The "Wild Heart of Spokane"

The Dishman Hills is a wonderful woodland tucked into a highly residential area, surrounded on two sides by the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley. The area is home to many unique native plant and animal species and presents fabulous opportunities for near-urban hiking, trail running, environmental education and solitary contemplation in nature. 

The Dishman Hills Conservancy is actively working to conserve and connect the existing Conservation Areas in the Dishman Hills Conservation Corridor. We do this in part by buying and conserving lands along the Dishman Ridge between Camp Caro and Stevens Creek. Our vision is that through our work the three existing Dishman Hills Conservation Areas - the Natural Area, the Glenrose Area and Iller Creek - will become a contiguous conservation area that provides crucial wildlife habitat while allowing for low-impact public recreation.

If you value quiet recreation opportunities and promoting local conservation work, please show your support and appreciation by donating to the DHC today.

In order to get to know the area better we invite you to download a map and then get out on the trails to explore the many facets of the Dishman Hills.

Like us on Facebook and please consider contributing to our effort to help us keep Spokane Near Nature, Near Perfect.


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